Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Fisherman's Tale

Its been a few weeks since my lost blog post.  My house has been sold and I will be moving soon.  My elderly mother suffered a major heart problem and has been fitted with a pacemaker.  Thankfully, she is now doing well.  My Father suffered a fall and broke his hip.  A few days after having an op complications set in and sadly he passed away in his sleep.

I hope that I will be able to keep the blog updated with a bit more regularity from now on.

My passion for photographing Kingfishers started a few years ago.  It seems that once bitten by "the bug" you have to keep going back and try out new ideas.  Not being satisfied with "a bird on a perch" (although I still take perch shots whenever the opportunity arises) I have tried many different approaches to capture diving shots.  Previous experience told me that the only way to obtain "sharp" diving pictures was to use high speed flash.  Now a few years on and using a Nikon D3 with superb high iso capabilities, I have tried again using the cameras top shutter speed of 8000th sec.  Despite firing hundreds of frames I have yet to obtain a truly sharp image of a diving Kingfisher, however I have managed to get sharp shots of birds erupting from the water and I have posted some of those images here.
I have also included a perch shot which shows a young female taking up an aggressive stance to warn off another Kingfisher that is flying into her territory.

Click on an image to see the larger version.


  1. Dear Mr. Flashman.

    I stumbled across your work quite by chance and was just posting a link to this blog from my own since I just posted a shot of the "the great escape" by a minnow.

    I read your personal situation at the moment and just wished to extend my sympathies regarding your loss and your current life challenges.

    I recently lost my mom and know it is tough at times being there for them in these years, but somewhere deep inside you always find that extra few drops of whatever it is you need to carry on and do what must be done. Not because you HAVE to but because you love the other person....

    I send you the best....

    And thank you for the wonderful work that you do. It must be so very healing for you... being out in the wilds is the greatest therapist that has ever existed.